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Secure Your Future with A&O Investment Planning Services
When saving for retirement, individual investors often get the short end of the stick – self-serving advice from financial advisors, limited investment options and impersonal customer service. Not at Alpha & Omega.
A Leader in
Retirement Plan
Design Consulting
Alpha & Omega helps individual investors save for your goals more effectively by:
  • Offering lower-cost investment options
  • Providing access to investment products that are typically only available to large institutional clients
  • Designing a custom plan to help you reach your retirement goals
  • Providing safe, secure online access to manage your account
  • Delivering fast, friendly customer service to assist with your retirement planning needs
We also assist individual investors in establishing new accounts or rolling over existing investments or another employer-sponsored plan to continue growing their savings and preserve the non-taxable status of the funds.
Customized Planning Solutions
Get Peace of Mind with Our Personalized RIA Investment Services
A&O specializes in creating customized financial plans to help achieve your retirement financial goals, and smart investment strategies to help optimize your returns.

If you want to save for specific goals and need expert advice, or need support during the distribution phase of life, A&O offers a customized planning solution that includes:

A Dedicated Financial Advisor
Unlike large brokerage firms that often shift you from one broker to another, we provide you with one retirement plan advisor who designs a custom plan based on your retirement goals.
Lower Cost Investment Options
Partnering with some of the nation’s leading investment firms allows A&O to offer investment options for less that you may be used to paying.
Low Account Fees
Without the huge overhead costs of big-name financial advisors, we can offer lower administrative fees for more cost-effective investment performance.
No Minimum Account Sizes
Some companies will often require a minimum account balance, such as a million dollars, to provide guidance on your investments. A&O handles accounts of all sizes.
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Corporate Governance You Can Trust
Get Peace of Mind with Our Personalized RIA Investment Services
Whether providing investment advice or managing your funds, Alpha & Omega can act as a 3(21) or 3(38) Registered Investment Advisor, and follows the Fi360 Fiduciary Process™. We provide the highest level of corporate governance – and we put it in writing. This means we:
  • Provide objective, unbiased financial advice in every transaction
  • Never receive commissions or 12(b)(1) fees for the investment products we recommend
  • Recommend investments based on long-term performance rather than quick, unsustainable returns
  • Put your best interests at the forefront of everything we do
In contrast, many financial advisory firms are not willing to provide this level of fiduciary responsibility because they don’t have the experience and expertise and/or because it conflicts with their interests. A&O has more than 50 years of successful retirement planning and investment advisory services in highly complex markets. We understand what it means to serve as *Fi360 Fiduciary, and we have the knowledge and expertise to do it well.

Call 800-755-5060 today, or email A&O to speak with one of our trusted retirement plan advisors.

*Fi360 Fiduciary – Someone who manages assets on behalf of others in a relationship of trust, confidence and legal responsibility, and also understands the importance and necessity of being a steward.
IRA Account Services
If you have a PenChecks™ Trust Default/Missing Participant or Automatic Rollover IRA or need to roll over a company-sponsored IRA or 401k account balance, Alpha & Omega are experts in establishing and servicing individual IRA accounts. In connection with PenChecks Trust, we helped pioneer the Default IRA. We help your IRA funds grow with low-risk investment options and keep you out of harm’s way by ensuring your IRA account complies with IRS and Department of Labor regulations.
We make it simple to manage your IRA account with the following services:
  • Preparing your IRA account statements and reports
  • Providing options to receive your IRA distributions via check, wire, AHC or prepaid card
  • Ensuring you meet all IRS and DOL minimum distribution requirements (RMDs) upon turning age 70-1/2.
  • Providing 24/7 access to your account through our safe, secure online portal
  • Staffing a trained called center to resolve problems and answer questions relating to your IRA account
Most importantly, you get the friendly, personalized service that makes it easy to do business with Alpha & Omega.

If you’re tired of dealing with huge, impersonal banks and financial institutions, switch your IRA to A&O, the company that’s big enough to handle all your investment planning needs but small enough to care.

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