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In today’s complex and highly regulated financial industry, no single business can be an expert in every facet of benefit plan administration. To deliver a premier level of service to our clients, we work with well-established companies considered by many to be the best in their respective areas. 

Alerus Retirement and Benefits

Alerus is a retirement plan administrative services firm, helping employers, advisors and brokers establish and manage successful retirement plan and benefit administration solutions. Alerus provides A&O with record-keeping services and a platform for 401k plan participants to review their account details.

First Mercantile Trust

A premier collective investment trust (CIT) recordkeeper, First Mercantile offers investment solutions for qualified retirement plans. Sub-advised by institutional money managers, First Mercantile selects and recommends non-proprietary investment options, including mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, that are best suited for our benefit plan clients.

SEI Investments

A global provider of wealth management solutions for institutional and personal investors, SEI (NASDAQ: SEIC) manages 331 billion in assets while administering $545 billion in client assets. They provide A&O with collective trust investment products while serving as custodian of the accounts.

TD Ameritrade

One of the most recognized investment management firms in the U.S., TD Ameritrade serves as the custodian for our self-directed 403(b) accounts, allowing those clients to choose from over 13,000 mutual funds to invest in while managing their accounts online.

William F. Marples (WFM)

A subsidiary of Alpha & Omega, WFM provides actuarial support services to defined benefit pension plans, including Taft-Hartley and Multi-Employer plans. Their services include actuarial valuations, benefit calculations, actuarial certifications and more.

John Hancock

One of America’s leading financial services firms, John Hancock provides A&O with many important services. These include record keeping, educational materials for employee enrollment meetings, 401(k) investment choices, online access for plan sponsors, employees and individual investors to manage their accounts, and more.

PenChecks, Inc.

PenChecks, Inc. provides outsourced benefits distribution processing for plan sponsors, retirement plan professionals and institutions. Known for their state-of-the-art technology and superior client service, PenChecks streamlines and simplifies pension plan distribution processing for A&O clients.

PenChecks Trust Company of America (PTCA)

As a wholly owned subsidiary of PenChecks, Inc., PTCA provides cost-effective outsourcing services related to the processing of benefit payments and the administration and management of AutoRollover IRAs, traditional IRAs and taxable savings accounts.


The National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits is a nationwide, secure database listing of unclaimed retirement plan account funds. It serves as a safe, secure resource to help employers search for missing plan participants and restore their retirement funds to them when found.

Missing Distributees LLC

PenChecks Missing Distributees, LLC assists financial institutions – including banks, insurance companies, trust companies, brokerage firms, mutual funds and select other corporations – by streamlining the administration and custodial services they provide to ERISA qualified plans.

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